Svarta Fåret

Several of our designs come from one of Sweden’s largest and most reputable brands in yarn and embroidery - Svarta Fåret!

Svarta Fåret Ltd is a yarn wholesaler and is based in Lindome near Gothenburg. The company was founded in 1992 and is now a well known and established brand all across Scandinavia. With over 300 resellers and products in several leading mail order companies you probably recognize their logo already.

Svarta Fåret Ltd produces hundreds of new embroidery patterns annually, and we now have the privilege to announce a number of tapestry designs available for you!

Enter "The Folklore Factory" and design your own "Svarta Fåret" - tapestry!


Svarta Fåret cross stitch patterns

It´s not a Christmas - in Sweden anyway - without the Santa Clauses of Jenny Nyström!
White Christmas
An embroidery pattern that will be part of your decorations Christmas after Christmas - so...
This cross stitch pattern is named after Kerstin Hesselgren, (1872-1962).
The daisy is the county flower of the Swedish province of Skåne. So what do we know about Skåne?
"Let the heart be a part” was the name of a revue Sonya Hedenbratt (1931-2001) did with Sten-Åke...
A cross stitch pattern that breathes folk art and gourd - reminiscent of the province of Dalarna.
Monica Z
Monica Zetterlund, one of the 1900s most popular Swedish artists, grew up in Hagfors, Värmland.