The Floss Box

The Floss Box is a design company founded by Emily Wilmarth - and it’s the very first embroidery designer The Folklore Company has had the pleasure to work with.


Emily grew up in Chicago, but has lived a number of years in Sweden. The creativity in her is flowing - with handicrafts from pearl embellished handbags to acrylic paintings. Her embroidery is the handicraft that has received the most attention, where Emily's creations take expressions that you never thought were possible to embroider.


For The Folklore Company, Emily has designed 6 beautiful and richly detailed cross stitch frames of different themes. To see The Floss Box's other fabulous work – take a look at the website


The Floss box's cross stitch patterns

Forest Love
An adorable pattern of a little girl, a deer and flowers. Perfect for the kids room!
Frosty Friends

Inspired by the winter's cold days, The Floss Boxhas created a cute pattern with a penguin in the center.
Christmas Delight

A detailed pattern with reindeers and wreaths to celebrate Christmas.

Spring Flowers

Summer flowers and birdsong - a romantic tapestry in purple and green!

Spring Robin

This embroidery with robins and flowers brings to mind the sweet spring.

Creepy crawlies

An embroidery pattern in autumn colors with owls, spiders, bats and death cap.