The Folklore Company

The Folklore Company's vision is that by encouraging and preserving craft traditions, new generations will see the art and the fun in handicraft.

We want to be a complement to the existing market, and offer both new opportunities to create embroidery patterns and new patterns.

The designs we produce are such we ourselves have missed - and which we believe more people would like to embroider.

We're committed to continually expand our pattern bank in the Folklore Factory. If you have suggestions for new designs or designers - please let us know!


Our own embroidery patterns

Scandinavian dream
Elephant ear
French roses
Summer memories
Cross my heart
There should be more sweet things in this world we thought. So we made this pattern.
Back to the sea
Living at the Swedish west coast the sea feels like home to most of us. The shimmering waves, the...
Delsbo cross
Inspired by the Swedish "Delsbosöm", an embroidery pattern type that you usually don't embroider...
If you think regular plants are a bit too much to handle you can always get a cactus, we hear...
Azalea valley
Memories of summer. Azalea valley, in the heart of Gothenburg brings back the memories for most...
Cats - because what is better than cats? Maybe dogs, but I'm biased...